How to Choose Your Cosmetic Surgeon

Buying a cosmetic surgery is a big decision. It entails days, 2 or 3 weeks, or even months of weighing the risks and benefits. Persons often consult their close family and friends for advice. Nevertheless , the best person to help you out is your surgeon, thus the reason why it is important to find a reliable and honest cosmetic surgeon.

An ideal cosmetic surgeon is definitely someone whom you feel comfortable with. S/he should be someone who sincerely listens to what you want. S/he gives suggestions and offers you actually options and respects the decision you come up with. Furthermore, His/her line should be open during reasonable times of the day to help you to contact him/her incase there will be a change of plan as well as something came up after the procedure. To sum everthing up, the ideal surgeon is someone who you can communicate with in addition to shares the same vision as you do.

As a registered nurse, I typically come across with people who ask for my advice regarding their health professionals. When someone, especially Asian women, approaches me about cosmetic surgery, there is only one person I have in mind and that’s Dr . Kim.

Dr . Ahsup Andrew Kim, M. D.. is a director of Advance Beauty Cosmetic Clinic based in Sydney, Australia. Dr . Kim graduated at The University of New Sth Wales in Sydney and received his Masters qualification in medicine from Chung-Ang University Medical School with Seoul, Korea.

He traveled across many Asian countries to perfect his craft. He very well knows that Asian beauty can be intricate, fragile, and unique. Each Woman requires personalised approach because what may look good for one may not look their best for the other. Moreover, each person wants different things and Doctor Kim respects that. For that reason, he personally assesses your client and helps them with their decision making because he strongly states that the key to a successful surgery is open communication.

After a consultation with Dr . Kim, expect that he’ll ask you to bring a photo of your desired outcome. This will help the pup further understands what the client exactly want. Furthermore, he’s honest enough to tell his patients that an exact reproduction may not be possible, but he could surely produce an results near to what his patient desires.

Aside from that, Dr . Ellie requires his patients to undergo a thorough consultation where quality guy fully discuss everything from pre- to post-surgery transparently. Quite possibly discuss any problem that could arise, what could be done in scenario such problems occur, the success rate of the technique, what to do after the procedure, and the estimated cost.

Everything is certainly transparent. Everything is written in black and white. What more is it possible you ask? Personally, I find Dr . Ahsup Andrew Believe as the best cosmetic surgeons sydney can find especially for an Wok cookware beauty like me.