Real Estate Services – Business Immune To Internet?

Properties services business is one of those verticals with an overwhelming volume of websites. There are thousands of websites with apartments and private accommodation listings. But does it really mean that this internet style of business generate a proportionate amount of revenue? Well, probably not!

By many ways real estate services is one of those businesses which have been ideally suited for a net based model. On one aspect you have a seller who wants to sell his property and other area you have a buyer who wants to buy a similar property. The seller directories the property for sale on a website. Prospective buyers finds it on the site when found suitable, the buyer and seller come to an agreement on the market. No searching for agent, no commission. It all looks hence simple. But it seldom happens that way.

The sale of a home incurs an agent commission of 2. 5 to 6% (depending on your country, region, agreement with agent etc) in the sale price. The above described scenario means only a compact listing fee to be spent by the seller. Consider the internet recruitment business where a similar situation exists. It has executed very well unlike real estate websites and sites like colossal. com and hotjobs. com have a high brand recall. Nonetheless a similar success is not found for real estate Commercial real estate mount kisco web pages. Spare a few like loopnet. com and costar. com which has found success in the commercial real estate sector. The truth on the matter is that the real estate multiple listing service (MLS) and agents much guard the seller data and other information. However , some other good reasons also exist.

A real estate listing, unlike a job listing, would need to provide more information to look credible for the buyer. Collecting the essential data, pictures of the property, (even videos some times) recent sales data, above all removing outdated data with the database, all this needs money to be spent.

Not all individuals that buy and sell property are negotiators. The agent claims to often be one and normally takes such a role. But on most scenarios, they just make both the buyer and seller feel good around the deal. Both parties feel they negotiated and got the best price. Also, not everybody wants to publicize that their property is up available for purchase, especially for commercial properties. An agent is entrusted to find prospective buyers for the property.

There can be a solution for most of these issues. An estate website can still provide the first level of information to provider. At least it can narrow down the search to a few properties with ones choice. With a little effort one can get details necessary for deciding the suitability of that property against your family needs and budget. As for confidential listing of property, this can be enclosed in a website. For example , KeralaListings. com a property marketing provider hides the seller data and other traceable information from a property or home listing if tagged ‘confidential’ by the seller. This position appears in search results for the given parameters and the probable buyer can email the seller of his interest in the house or property.

As real estate websites adopt steps, to provide information which is certainly updated and verified, this business model will gradually discover. Though the cost of maintaining such sites is slightly more, this absolutely should gradually increase public trust on this model. Even with more or less everything, the cost of property transaction can reduced considerably. Not to mention considering the time saved for finding a property.

Author works for KeralaListings, a property marketing company for Kerala Real Estate, especially Cochin apartments, villas & waterfront properties in Kerala plus Thrissur apartments.

KeralaListings runs a contact centre to its customers through which property information is given free. Effort is enabled to provide reliable and verified information. Listings are right by the sellers. Online listings are accepted but tested for authenticity before making live. Sellers are given option pertaining to private (confidential) or public listing. All property directory site details are available for buyers from the website as well as the contact core.