Best Office Pranks

February fool’s day will be here in about a month. So , with celebration, we have compiled some of the best office pranks. Some of these usually are high tech pranks while others are just classic pranks. You don’t have to possibly be Jim from ‘The Office’ to pull off some of these company pranks on your co-workers this April fool’s day.

The first one may be noticed pretty quickly depending on who you do it to help. Take a screen shot of the person’s desktop and then use it as their background. Then, move or hide all of their building on their desktop. When they come into work and try to open all their documents, the will think something is wrong with their computer. As well as, you can wait and see how long it takes them to realize something is wrong.

Another computer prank involves your co-workers keyboard set. Pop out the keys and change their keyboard into the “DVORAK” format instead of “QWERTY” format. This simple and renowned prank will have your co-work trying to figure out why they keep acquiring such horrible typos. Or, if you want it to be significantly less obvious, change the person’s auto-correct function so it continuously improvements simple words or names to something ridiculous. Case in point: change auto-correct to change the word “interesting” into “so tedious I want to cry”.

This next one is very plain and simple. You could foil, or wrap that persons office. To do this you might need a lot of foil, newspaper, or wrapping paper and many tape. Wrap anything and everything that you can so they come in to a arena from an office Christmas movie. Wrapping co-workers desk, easy chair, computer, phone, even plants can be fun. You may have to stay past due or come in early to pull this prank off. Place in a note with your own greeting to your unsuspecting victim, like “drats, foiled again! ”

If the prankee uses an optical mouse, there is a very simple and easy prank you can do. All you need is definitely some tape and your victim’s mouse. Simply take a reel of tape and place it over the electronic eye. A number of people also choose to tap a piece of paper over the eye to be certain the prank works. Now, you can watch your co-worker find frustrated because their mouse doesn’t work. You could even place in a note to the paper on the bottom of the mouse for after they finally look at the bottom of their mouse.

Of course , you can choose classic stapler in jello prank that was made common by Jim on ‘The Office’. First, you will need to find the person’s stapler, or whatever else you wish to encase in jello. You will need both color jello and clear. Follow the recommendations or look online for how to videos. Of course , don’t aim to do this with electronics unless they are fake. View here

No matter what prank you try to pull make sure it is a safe prank. Most of us wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt or for the corporation to be sued by any upset employee. In general, My partner and i don’t think that business insurance policies cover prank related incited. Also, before doing any prank, try to find out what your business policy is on pranks.