Cycle the Sabbatical

For a student of psychology and meditation, it is easy to overemphasize way of thinking. While it is true that if the mind is controlled, it will practical experience no turbulence in relation to external circumstances. It is tempting to help purposefully “descend into hell” to pursue a more arduous spiritual practice, if the intended goal is to run off karma through renunciation and austerities. Spending time in this fashion can allow a readjustment of one’s baseline, or the tolerance before equanimity is affected. This is good, but knowing when it is ample is equally auspicious. Cycle the mountains and the city, often the annĂ©e sabbatique and engagement. Until they both are one, pay attention to the signs that it’s time to alternate roles and environments.

Intellectual anguish is desirable at times in this pursuit, so in addition focus on physical ailments as well. When seeking suffering, bear in mind there is nothing noble inherently in it beyond being on the course. Moderation is always a safe solution. The body and mind will confirm when things aren’t right. This is useful to remember perhaps under regular circumstances. Tension, anxiety, depression, extreme sensations, and other ailments are not “wrong” in themselves, but are symptoms of different wrong things. It is the human bio-psychological system’s output declaring that the input is unsatisfactory and does not correctly compute.

Take care when challenging oneself. Listen to the alarms and don’t let them ring for too long. We are multifaceted beings. Respectfully sense of balance the physical, psychological, and spiritual. Cycle the Sabbatical.