Online Tutoring – Which is Better – Tutoring Companies Or Freelance Tutors?

Together with the explosion in use of the internet for learning, online coaching has become a favorite for students all over the globe. Online tutoring offers remarkable flexibility to the students as well as the tutors the major advantage for equally the students and tutor being that they can learn/teach from the comfort of their homes.

Another major reason for the success of online Bijles in Amsterdam is the lower cost of tutoring. The availability of tutors was earlier limited to those living close-by to the student. However with the online tutoring, the tutor can now be located in almost any corner of the world. Thus the tutors located in the third universe countries while being equally competent as their counterparts inside developed world are able to offer their services at lower prices – primarily due to the difference in valuation of the currencies with the dollar. While a face to face tutoring time would cost nearly $ 70 – 100 on a daily basis earlier, a online tutoring session from tutors in USA / UK costs $ 30 – 40 and those from tutors located in India is available for bucks 12 – 15 per hour.

Tutoring Companies. As the require online tutoring grew, a number of tutoring companies surfaced coming. These Online Tutoring Companies generally offer tutoring in a range of subjects so that a student can obtain tutoring in any subject sought after by him. This follows the culture where all of subjects are available under one roof.

This company culture within tutoring however cannot be termed as the best solution in on the internet tutoring. Most parents would agree that the vital part to achieve supportive learning help is the continuity of the tutor with the student. The tutor needs to develop a rapport together with the student and identify his strengths and shortcomings. He or she must then empathize with the student and focus upon serving him overcome his shortcomings while reinforcing his strong points. With large tutoring companies this is often a problem as their teachers cater to a large number of students and thus are not dedicated to a single college student. While most online tutoring companies offer the ‘preferred tutor’ process in some form or the other, the availability of the favorite instructor cannot be guaranteed being booked by a number of students. So the child is left to adjust to each of the tutors he comes across and at best is able to achieve ‘topic help’ rather than loyal, continued learning.

Freelance Tutors. On the other hand are the freelance instructors who offer Online Tutoring on the internet. Most of the tutors collection with the tutor directories for their availability. Tutors having their own personal websites are a rarity – probably due to the costs required. However the ones who do have their own websites and thus will be able to make themselves available on the internet are probably the best choice for online individual help. They combine the best of online tutoring and offer persisted supportive and dedicated learning support to the students.

Schooling Content. Some of the tutoring companies use their own ‘unique schooling content’ which is specifically developed keeping in mind the requirements of the learners. There is no doubt that specially developed training content is helpful in imparting instruction. It must however be remembered that there is no shortage of training content on the internet with most schools and college websites giving free high quality training content. What is most important is power of the tutor to make the student imbibe the training content adequately.

Tutor Remuneration. In case of freelance tutors, the complete remuneration maded by the students goes to the tutor who is free to set his or her own price. However in case of tutoring companies, the company will pay the tutors minimum wages, keeping most of the gains for themselves. The tutor compensation in some of the tutoring corporations can be as low as $ 2 per hour. This definitely affects the quality of tutors who would be ready to serve along with them.