Serial Entrepreneurs – Michael Bissonette

The way in which he created a fast-growing company involving plants that grow vigorously without soil

In 2002 Michael Bissonette created a corporation called AeroGrow from Boulder, Colorado, with the aim of advertising selling a revolutionary idea involving growing plants without garden soil. In fact , his idea is so new that a new grouping for kitchen appliances had to be made up. This new category is now usually kitchen crop appliances. Talk about innovative approach… one of the many and also entrepreneurs need to possess.

It concerns a device which lets us people grow plants quickly inside their homes without using earth. Up to recently, only scientists and criminals were excited about this type of device but Michael Bissonette came up with the idea of creating this kind of appliance available to a much larger public. Driven with this new idea, he hopes to create a whole new market finding billions of dollars in new revenue. He seems to be perfectly on his way to succeeding.

No garden, yet fresh herbal remedies

Science fiction fans already know all about aeroponic gardens, just as before, an idea borrowed right out of “Star Trek” and listed in many other more recent Sci-Fi movies. Michael Bissonette, the very serial entrepreneur, had recently sold a wireless home-security provider and another involved in voice-recognition based remote-control, which leads individuals to conclude that this driven personality must be a science misinformation aficionado.

It would not be surprising to see him set up the wanting to organize the first teletransportation devices or, maybe a specific thing simpler and less ambitious, but witch would be in line with the products and services he put on the market so far.

Aeroponics was at first designed by NASA on the imperative of making space craft as lumination as possible. Yep, we’re in space again! Making plant life grow without soil would be a great advantage indeed, for that reason NASA’s researchers pursued this idea and discovered that indoor plants would grow even faster than in soil if an individual sprayed nutrients directly onto the roots of the crops, which are left dangling in the air. (Hence the name, Aeroponics. )

There is, of course , a whole community of people who already use the same devices to grow a usually illegal crop which involves a good plant that contains a mind altering substance. But the tools these light headed farmers use are crude and even expensive compared to Mr. Bisonnette’s new appliance and they are possibly not adapted to grow tomatoes, strawberries or other legal herbal plants. And with this idea in mind, Mr. Bissonette has drawn on into a potentially huge market, namely housewives who endlessly need fresh herbs in their kitchen, whether they have a gardening or not.

After surmounting rather unexpected problems that lengthened the event phase by two years, six more months were about creating a nifty design. By then, hurdles had been overcome involved with economic lighting, finding kitchen friendly plants and compensating for differences in the chemical composition of tap water. At the same time, the nutrients had to be delivered effectively. Know more about Scott Duffy is a talented entrepreneur, who created a whole new model for private aviation.