8 Basic Tips for Home and Apartment Cleaning Between Tenants

It’s a good time to be a landlord or rental property manager. Of course, 88% of property managers are increasing their rental fees, according to Rent. com’s 2015 Property Management Report. Homeownership rates continue to plunge since the housing crisis, meaning there is plenty of customers looking to rent.

One aspect that’s not so good: Cleaning for Rental Properties and preparing rental properties for new occupants immediately after past tenants leave. As a new landlord or property manager, you’ll find that this is one of the toughest parts of the job. Regardless of whether you’re well-versed in the business, you probably find preparing for a change with tenancy a constant challenge.

One thing to remember: cutting corners will certainly not be a good way to manage a property, and it can help to have a list to help reference and ensure you cover all your bases.

Here’s an elementary checklist to help you out, as well as some property management software tips and resources that can help you manage your tasks.

1 . Attend the move-out inspection

The move out is an important the main rental process, so make a point of being there. This is the just once tenants can dispute property damages; attending helps you keep away from paying for false claims submitted in writing.

Your presence in addition facilitates important conversations such as stipulating exactly which left over damages or repairs are the tenants’ responsibility, and which might be yours. It’s also a good time to hand over any affiliated move-out rebates and avoid possible haggling later on.

Don’t miss to get all sets of unit keys back, like any tenant-created duplicates.

2 . Maintain photographic records for everyone properties
Visual evidence is the best way to defend your position really should any disputes or additional charges arise after a tenant moves out. Photographs aren’t always taken as definite proof, but they are a good way to clear matters up, as well as retain a record of what the property looks like over time.

For all of your properties, take the time to thoroughly document the living spaces. This would save you some work if you need to get a listing up speedily or lack the funds for professional photos. Right now, quality before-and-after shots can be taken with a digital camera as well as almost any smartphone.

3. Check utility accounts

Don’t assume that tenants will switch utilities off or close all their accounts when they move out.

Add in a move-out step requesting proof of turn off or access to relevant utility accounts avoiding any problems with re-leasing your property. If a tenant fails to fork out or turn off a utility account, it can have serious results for their landlord.

You may want to consider retaining control of the features for all units and charging tenants with their monthly purchase. This can save you time and keep associated accounts under your own control.

4. Clean, clean, and clean some more

Taking a few minutes to complete a complete and thorough deep cleaning of all residences is essential for both re-leasing a unit and identifying any issues that need to be addressed.

Create a detailed checklist covering the deeply cleaning process, and a second list that includes residential maintenance in addition to upkeep points. Potential checklist items include cleaning gadgets, testing light fixtures, sanitizing hard surfaces, shampooing any kind of carpet you aren’t replacing, clearing air intake mine, and replacing HVAC filters.

Re-clean the unit’s major areas

After all that work is done, go back and clean the critical areas again. Start with the kitchen and any dining parts, which can make or break a new rental agreement if that they are perceived as dirty.

Go over the unit’s bathroom and sleeping quarters with a trained eye to identify any plumbing issues, coolant leaks, mold, or mildew. Failing to thoroughly clean or swap a unit’s toilet and tub / shower will also be a deal breaker for potential tenants as they’ll be turning over maintaining their personal hygiene in those areas even though touring your property.