Weight Gain For Women – Bizarre Theories About Gaining Weight

As one of the women out there who aim to gain weight, you have probably heard of many bizarre or odd theories about the matter. Although a lot of persons follow them for their goals, these are just myths which would give you the wrong ideas. So what are these theories anyways? Here are some of the things that I know most of you, if not all, have heard of.

Theory#1: Go For The Food Calories To Add Up Pounds

If one is to look at this theory, he/she can say that the really makes sense, wouldn’t it? Well, it’s true… but only partially. It should be noted that calories coming from different kinds of food has different effects on the body, and this goes as well with regard to their effect on houston apetamin pick up. When food enters into your bloodstream, it could possibly either healthily or unhealthily affect your body. Choose the right meals first before putting them into your list.

Theory#2: Carbohydrates Are competent In Helping You Gain Weight

It’s true that food having carbs such as frosted flakes, pasta, breadstick, white cheers, etc ., can really boost up your weight… but this can be unhealthy in your case. You see, if you keep eating these kinds of food (which are viewed as as refined carbs), they can endanger your health and will provide very unattractive figure. This could lead to great health problems, including heart diseases and certain cancers.

Theory#3: Food Having Fats Are Great For Gaining Weight

Now, keep in mind that this theory is definitely both erroneous and very dangerous to your health. Eating a lot of fatty foods will end up clogging up your arteries. You see, in the event you eat fat, it really doesn’t mean that it will remain in your burglar alarm. And even if some of it do stay, the chances of people fats going to the areas in your body where you think they should is rather unlikely to happen!

Theory#4: For Those With Fast Metabolism, You can apply Two Things: Eat More And Put On Some Muscle

Let’s consider the first one on eating more food. Yes, it could be true for quite a few, but the reality is that there are some people whose metabolism will just simply keep on dissolving the food they eat away before perhaps filling them up. As for the second one on putting some muscle, this isn’t really true (especially for a women like you! ). Who would want to look more muscular in comparison with their boyfriends or husbands, right? The truth of the topic is that to gain weight the right way would require you to do a blend of strategies and techniques which would have you do some exercise, but certainly will not require you to put up some muscles.

Theory#5: Just Remain Around All Day And Do Nothing, And Boom… There You Have It, Fast Weight Gain!

Again, this would depend on the metabolism that people include. While this could work for some, others who are by nature skeletal individuals will just suffer from the lack of activity and movements and this would have a negative effect on their goals.

So , congratulations , you have found out that these theories are not really that useful for your goals, as some of them only work a little however would bring in more health problems in the future. What you should do now is move away from these silly theories, and go for those effective and safe weight-gain guides for women to get a healthier and more attractive lifestyle!