Promote Your PHP Dir Submit Site – Step by Step Guide

After you’ve your PHP Dir Submit site installed the next thing you want to do is to promote it. Never expect people to find your site ‘automatically’. So the question is how do you go about doing this? Just like offering any other type of web sites, you need to have a plan before you start, and also, you might want to diversify your promotional methods. This way you can find out those are working and which ones are not. Not only that, but more importantly, if perhaps something ‘bad’ happens to your account (i. e. Blocked from a forum or article site deleted your report by mistake) you will have other sources to drive traffic to your internet-site. With all that being said, here’s a list of things you should do after firing your PHP Dir Submit site.

1 . Submit the location to Linkkataloger web directories. Big directories like the Digg Directory, MasterMoz, Dmoz can help the search engines to find your PHP Dir Submit site, which means your site will be indexed immediately. They will also help your site to rank higher, so make sure you the particular keywords within the title. If you are planning to submit to a hundred internet directories then you’ll need to change the title slightly to avoid the over-optimization filter.

2 . Submit your PHP Dir Submit blog to social bookmarking sites. Like the directory submission, doing this helps getting your site indexed quickly. This should be the first thing people focus on, because your site would need to be in the index before it can be ranked. Submit your PHP Dir Submit site ONCE on each site. If you do it more than once you could be during the risk of getting banned from these social bookmarking sites. Often times who likes spam? If you can make this step a lot more helpful by putting up an article on your PHP Dir Submit website and then you bookmark this page instead of the homepage. Make sure you employ a link on this article page that links back to the exact homepage.

3. Use a blog to drive traffic to your PHP Dir Submit site. After you have done the two steps on top of your site should be in the Google’s index within a day or two. An additional step00 you should do is to start a blog. You can either merge a blog to your PHP Dir Submit site, you can also have it as a unique site. So why have a blog? Good, you will be using this blog as a ‘partner site’ to help your individual PHP Dir Submit’s search engine ranking and traffic. If you have your blog already you can skip this step; simply use of which to promote your PHP Dir Submit site.

4. Generate quality articles and submit them to your blog and sites. Using articles to promote a site has proven to be successful. Primary, you need to decide whether you want the articles to bring web visitors your website (traffic) or do you want them to boost your PHP Dir Submit site’s search engine ranking (link value). Yes it is possible to have both benefits from the same article, but the result would be improved if you just focus on one. For the direct traffic reward, you would submit them to ONLY one or two ‘well trusted’ article directories for instance EzineArticles. com; for the search engine ranking benefit, you would submit it to hundreds of article directories.