Women’s Empowerment Without Indoctrination

Exactly what is Women’s Empowerment to you?

Is women’s empowerment male whacking, feminism, or religious teachings of how a women should be?

Most people talk about women’s empowerment. If I Google Empower women and Girls, I find websites/articles on fashion, religion, education, and empowering women in countries that oppress women. I do not find any websites/articles around assisting women to do away with fear, depression, non-serving beliefs, and/or guilt. I do not really find any websites/articles around assisting women in learning the best way to nurture self, love self, respect self, and find enjoyment and passion—without indoctrination. Ones want to teach women’s personal strength… as long as the rules are followed. That is not true women’s empowerment.

True women’s empowerment is allowing a woman to find your girlfriend purpose/path in life without feeling guilty that she really should serve someone else first. True women’s empowerment is not in relation to other people at all… it is about the woman. There are certain people to with whom I can say the words: women’s empowerment; and I see view roll. The assumption is that it’s about women hating on men. True women’s empowerment has no room to get hate. Just as a bonding relationship between parent and child has no room for hate.

When a woman is just about to be empowered, she will find the assistance necessary to heal the guilt, fear, self-loathing, and other emotions that get in their way of living a life. When a woman is ready to be motivated, she’s ready to live and not simply survive. And that is when she could find passion and excitement for living.

Board director/workshop facilitator- I have earned three degrees from University connected with Colorado at Colorado Springs: Psychology-BA, Special Education-MA, as well as Public Administration-MA… Women’s Empowerment is an area I am obsessed with. Women should have the freedom to take ownership of their lives not having blame or accepting guilt around taking ownership. We run workshops approximately 4-5 times a year with each one workshop growing in size. A workshop is to teach women of all ages about themselves…