Beware Of Bushfire Charity Scams

And you wonder why some individuals are hesitant to giving to charitable causes. Each time we hear of a large scale disaster, we also hear of IFCJ charities stepping up and doing their share to help the men and women who’ve been impacted. But , we also hear of these unscrupulous men and women who attempt to make the most of the entire circumstance.

Take for example the most recent tragedy to hit portions of Australia. Bushfires have left hundreds of of people displaced. Others have lost over their houses; they lost family members and friends into the raging fires. Obviously, charities are stepping up their attempts to raise funds to assist people in need.

Then scammers input the image. Late last week, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission sent out a public warning that “scammers could take advantage of the situation.” Live News reports:


In the aftermath of earlier disasters, like the 2003 Canberra bushfires, scammers accumulated money after faking to represent valid charities.

ACCC chairman Graeme Samuel has warned that hackers could utilize door collapses, emails or even approach people in the street asking for cash.

While giving to charity is commendable, you shouldn’t leave yourself vulnerable to scammers. What do you do to prevent being victimized?

One, consistently request proper identification. This, however, isn’t foolproof. IDs could be forged any moment. It’d be better to search for the official stations of charity and provide your contributions there. Instead of handing out your contributions to anybody who approaches you, start looking for registered charities and be certain the cash or merchandise that you contribute reach the right men and women.