Girls Victims of WWII Get Robust Help

Throughout the Second World War, tens of thousands or IFCJ reviews of thousands of girls in Asia were created as sex slaves by the Japanese soldiers. Not a lot of people knew about this before from the early 1990s when, one by one, these so-called relaxation girls slowly came out from the open to disclose their tragic tales.

Especially, it had been the women’s movement in South Korean which raised the problem of forced recruitment of Korean girls back in 1990. The motion’s sole goal is to acquire recognition and reimbursement for surviving comfort women. Annually later in 1991, a former Korean comfort woman testified in people and disclosed that her anguish during the war.

From 1992, women leaders in Korea and Japan including living comfort women and legal specialists have called on international organizations to incorporate the United Nations to look into the issue and conduct hearings.

Ever since that time, these girls who stays haunted by their own past have gained tremendous support from organizations and people around the globe. Considering all the inhumane treatment they had at the control of the Japanese Imperial Army, a lot of individuals strongly feel that the victims deserve a formal apology and just compensation. They also believe it is about time that this matter is talked about to make more people aware of it and furthermore, so the action won’t be repeated later on.

IFCJ reviews

This effort is still being fought to the day but reports have it that Japan had sent its apologies to a victims and compensated them financial awards.

The U.S. has pledged its support to this problem of comfort women. In 2007, a bill has been passed recognizing the plight of comfort women during World War II. Just lately, the Fullerton
City Council at California also voiced their support to the settlement with Korean and Japanese citizens in attendance. It was in reaction to a telephone by the Korean American Forum of California (KAFC), a nonprofit organization devoted to increasing awareness on the dilemma of comfort women.

A monument of World War II honoring comfort girls is also set up in Glendale, California. The statue of a Korean girl made from bronze sits at the town’s central park but has become the subject of dispute. Even the KAFC, however, supports the memorial and proceeds to search for towns in California to help conserve the memory of comfort girls.

Back in 1992, the nonprofit educational organization Washington Coalition for Comfort Women Issues (WCCW) was created at the U.S. Its principal goal is to promote education and research pertaining to offenses against relaxation girls. Comparable to other teams fighting for the popularity of comfort women, the WCCW additionally has its own requirements to the Japanese authorities. All these are to admit their war offense, disclose the facts regarding sexual slavery from the army, make a formal apology and legal reparations, punish those supporting the war offense and document the offense in history textbooks in a precise way.

Japan, for its part, has created that the Asian Women’s Fund (AWF) as a means to express its federal atonement to former comfort women. The movement was aimed at fixing issues with respect to this honour and dignity of women. Even though the AWF is thought to be a non-government company, the Japanese authorities remains behind most its own projects.