Pallet Freight – Cost Effective Cargo Transport

The very utilisation of pallets for the movement of freight has got revolutionized cargo handling both in the UK and worldwide. The introduction of new materials for pallet manufacture will add to the worthwhile impact on the environment of their use.

Pallets are now in frequent use throughout the world for the movement of freight with the most preferred sizes for the bases evolving as 80 x 120 watch and 100 x 120cms. Modern transport units are actually constructed so that the maximum number of pallets can be loaded for many years thereby keeping costs to a minimum and reducing the risks of damage in transit.

The use of Pallet Supplier in Cleveland is also very important within the assembly line environment. Goods stored on pallets can quickly be prepared for dispatch on call off by a customer and the palletisation also gives the breaking down of complete pallets to fulfill orders just for smaller quantities.

In order to maximize the use of pallets many companies have agreements with their customers that for each pallet taken to them an empty pallet will be given back in exchange. Pallet distributors have also set up networks enabling customers to hire pallets at a one-way or a two-way basis and for long term rental accords.

Traditionally pallets have been made of timber but in order to rescue the environment pallet manufacturers are turning their attention to the effective use of recycled plastics and with their greater durability they are now when cost effective as timber pallets.

Many hauliers and forwarders are now members of overnight pallet distribution networks which inturn, with their tracking capability, provide a cost effective and highly powerful means of transport for both single and multi-pallet consignments.