Who Can Treat My TMJ and Jaw Pain Problems?

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There are various medical professionals who may claim to have experience in treating jaw pain and jaw specialist near me symptoms. We will discuss each of these professionals and their backgrounds as they apply to treating the health of the mouth.

Here is a list of clinicians that traditionally may treat TMJ dysfunction:

Medical Doctors
Massage Therapists

Notice that this is a wide variety of practitioners with a variety of proficiency sets and backgrounds.

Who is the Best Trained to Treat TMJ Dysfunction?

Based on the amount of continuing education classes available and the instructional associations available for each of the clinicians to join, dentists are going to be the most beneficial trained to diagnose and treat TMJ dysfunction.

Only a few dental schools in North America focus on the TMJ in their training content, whereas most universities only cover a few hours over the 4 year dental education. However , many post-graduate continuing education courses offered by a variety of professionals will elevate the dentist’s knowledge in TM joint diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, there are a few dental organizations that focus on diagnosis of head and neck pain as they apply to proper dental health. These organizations are:

AACFP – American Academy of Craniofacial Pain
ICCMO instructions International College of Cranio-mandibular Orthopedics
IAO – Foreign Associaton for Orthodontics (for the General Dentist)
These institutions have thousands of members and most of the enrolled dentists are well trained in diagnosing jaw pain and other tmj dysfunction indicators.

Also, many chiropractors have taken educational classes and have accumulated an interest in the TMJ. Though not as prevalent as dental, some chiropractors can relieve TMJ and jaw discomfort symptoms in the event that the symptoms stem from a misaligned body situation, thus causing the jaw to become aligned as well.

Some experts known as “chirodontists” or chiropractor-dentists have skills in both back alignment and the craniofacial anatomy. These clinicians may also have any knowledge of TMJ dysfunction.

Technology Used in Jaw Pain Identification

Of all the clinicians trained to treat TMJ problems, dentists tend to have the best technology in order to properly diagnose TMJ dysfunction, or at least they have ample access to the technology.

Some of the technologies they will often use are:

Joint Vibration Analysis (JVA) – a new screening tool used to detect TMJ problems
Electromyography (EMG) – a screening device used to measure facial lean muscle abnormalities
T-Scan – computerized bite measurement used to diagnose if facial pain arises from an improper bite
Electronic Tomography (CT) – computerized imaging to view the health of often the joint
Magnetic Imaging Resonance (MRI) – detects delicate tissue abnormalities in the joint
X-Ray – Almost all dental care offices have X-ray technology nowadays