The Secret to a Homework Routine That Works

Talk to any child what they like to do after school and you can gambled your bottom dollar that homework isn’t on the list. The fact is though its an important part of your child’s education and it’s at your discretion to keep it on their agenda. Setting a homework application and sticking to it is crucial to avoid those morning panics and also worse still a letter from the teacher. In this article I’m going to share the three keys to a homework routine that will help you stay and your kids out of the bad books.

1 . Fix a good snack

The first thing you should do when your child comes home at school is to fix them a healthy snack. They’ve been busy all day on classes and no one can be expected to study on an empty abs. Use snack time to discuss what they learnt at the school and what they need to cover for today’s homework assignments.

2 . Certainly no television

The television needs to stay switched off until homework is finished. If your child tells you that they can study and watch television all at once then don’t believe them! Homework time needs to be distraction zero cost; the fewer the distractions the sooner it will be complete. Make sure your child has a quiet place to study, away from family racket. A desk is the best option as it becomes part of most of their routine and they can make sure that everything they need such as writing instruments and pencils are already to hand.

3. No extra-curricular exercises

Children have busy schedules these days with extra-curricular things to do such as sports or music lessons. While these are vital your child’s development homework needs to come first. If the activity is certainly scheduled straight after school then you will need to shake up here is the plan and ensure that homework is completed before dinner.

Make sure that your child understands the importance of homework from an early age and set separate time for them to complete it each evening. Fixing them all a snack will give them the energy to study. Minimising disorders and providing a place to work helps to enforce the routine. And even being aware of the extra-curricular schedule will help you manage homework and try to avoid that early morning panic. Put these simple steps into thing to help your child with their homework routine. Get more information