Christian Music The Right Message For Your Kids

New music has always been a big influence in the lives of young people. Elvis, the Beatles, U2 and others have left a mark individual generations. Unfortunately that influence has not always been positive. Seeing that parents we need to constantly monitor what is going into our kids minds and souls. The music that they listen to is an issue that we need to take a very close look at. What’s on your son’s mp3 player? What are they downloading on the computer?

Christian radio is a great strategy to introduce your children and teens to music with a concept that will help to build them up in their faith. The quality of Christian music and the talent on Christian radio rivals as well as exceeds many non Christian stations. Christian music has expanded from Southern Gospel quartets and Christian folk music to include Christian Hip Hop, Christian Rock, Christian Punk, Alfredia Latino, etc . Whatever style of music that your teens usually are listening to, Christian radio plays it.

The difference between Christian radio station and secular radio is not the sound. The difference is found in the lyrics and usually the lifestyle of the groups singing the sounds. This is important to understand. It may all sound the same to you, along with the people singing the music may look somewhat similar, what they are singing about is worlds apart. The difference is a message.

Christian rap sounds like rap music, Christian ordinary sounds like rock music, Christian punk music sounds like punk music. The difference is in the lyrics. A listener related that story to me. She was traveling in her car or truck with her teenage daughter on a Saturday night. The radio seemed to be tuned into our Christian radio station which represents Southern Gospel music in the morning. However , our programming on Saturday night is geared to teens and is a mix of Christian Ordinary and Christian Rap music. As they drove down the actual highway the daughter was enjoying the music and could hardly believe that her mom was listening to rap music, “her music”. After several miles the daughter asked what exactly station it was and was surprised to find out it was her mom’s Christian radio station. The daughter now listens regularly. Not only is she being fed spiritually for the Word that is the lyrics but the ministry between the songs delivers positive reinforcement to what she is learning at home and in the girl youth group.

This story illustrates an important point: a lot of kids listen to secular music by default. They don’t know that there is also a Christian alternative. They don’t know that they can listen to the same appear but hear a different message. As parents we can position them to the Christian music alternative to what they are listening to. In this manner we can ensure that the music they are listening to lines up with our Orlando values and not the worldly values found in secular songs.

How to Find Christian Music Your Kids Will Listen To

If you are getting a difficult time finding Christian music that your teens and little ones might enjoy listening to, or don’t know where to start your search, try looking in the local telephone book for a Christian radio station. They should be able to help you find what you are looking for. You could also visit your local Roscoe book store. They usually sell a variety of music and will be competent to help you. Another good resource is the internet.

A key point to remember is the music will sound similar to what you kids are already experiencing. So if you don’t like the sound of what they are listening to now, you may won’t like to sound of the Christian music alternative. Search past the sound to the message and rejoice that your young children are using ear buds!