Effective Email Marketing Through Value

One of the keys thing you need to know about effectively communicating with prospective clients as a result of email marketing is value and authority. In order to gain the trust of your users you must be an authority on the area. You’ll gain credibility at the same time. In addition to being an authority for the topic the best way to increase your sales is to offer value. What am i saying by value? Free information. 90% of the email you get from a company, spam and newsletters that you have signed up is going to attempt to sell you a product directly.

Subject: 30% out product ‘X’

Body: Hi (user name), now you can get hold of product ‘X’ at 30% off! Click here for details.

A specific thing as basic as the example above works. However it succeeds poorly. Why do companies continue to send out emails such as these? Because they do have people that buy. The numbers, however , are poor.

A more effective approach is through value and also free information. By offering free information to your users maintain more inclined to subscribe to your product or service. You’ll want to shape your company email marketing campaigns in a way that ‘informs’ the user… a way that that renders them more knowledgeable on the subject afterwards. Here’s an example:

Area of interest: Five Unbelievable Benefits of product ‘X’

Body: Hi (user name), we can’t believe that doing ‘y’ greatly grows ‘z’ while ‘w’. Find out the other four benefits by just reading our in-depth report here.

Think about this for a minute. I’m not trying to sell anything and I’m not demanding anything in return. I’m simply offering value in the form of zero cost information. Let me show you another example, however , instead of presenting an example of benefits we’ll explore why they shouldn’t visit without it:

Subject: The Five Proven Facts the fact that Cause ‘X’ and How you can Avoid Them!

Body: Hi (user name), did you know that doing ‘Z’ can cause ‘X’? I would not believe it either so a put together an article conveying the causes and how you can avoid them here.

If you’ve been focus you’ll realize that the solution, of course , is your product. I’m reselling the product in the email or article, however , I’m glorifying the adverse effects – with a biased approach to my products being the solution. You can even have sharp banner ads whole the article as some users may wish to purchase right away. The formula can be applied to any product or service and it works. Proficiently.

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This type of method has been done throughout the media for a long time. Have you heard of a free seminar? It’s the same concept. Rather then steer your users to a sales page, try leading them to content pages discussing one of the following:

  • Explain the benefits
  • Discuss success stories
  • Showcase the importance
  • Explain why they shouldn’t go without using it all, Etc

Let’s assume you have a list of users that you used through an email list or email extractor. Try using similar list with the methods I’ve mentioned and the traditional strategy that you have been doing things. This way you can measure the very success of this method personally.

By being the authority about them (and actually knowing what you’re talking about) you certainly will instill a sense of confidence in your users. When they are ready to shop for they will come to you. Remember, price is the third most important factor where a new buyer is concerned. The users confidence in you (as a seller) is the most important factor. By offering value and showing authoring in the topic you will much greater chances of selling your products or services through email then through any other method.