The 7 Important Features of Good Charity Websites

Charitable websites are usually made with very modest budgets that are slightly enough to cover professional web design costs. The reason for this is because a lot of charities depend on voluntary funding. These funds are meticulously distributed to the more important things, leaving almost non-e with the making of a website.

Important to note here is that the key goal of any Best African Charity event is to raise capital. It needs to attract donors, involve volunteers in the event and eventually assistance other people, the recipients of the charity funds, to live an even better life. In line with this, the website made should be able to communicate the following message clearly and effectively to all the parties needed.

So , how does a charity organization get the most out about this almost nonexistent budget to make a good website? Below are most of the key areas that should be emphasized on when making such a web-site.

What Makes Good Charity Websites

1 . Have a mission

Any sort of charity event has a simple tag line that explains around brief what the charity is all about. This mission statement need to be prominently displayed in the website made for the charity. It needs to be placed where any visitor who comes to the site might learn, in the shortest time possible, what the funds get and the website is all about.

2 . Explain how the sponsors shall be helping

Your website for charity should let the donors discover you are using their gifts and money to change other people’s everyday life. Demonstrate transparency and honesty by giving a breakdown of how just about every coin or gift received will be used.

3. Show shots of charity recipients

A photo of some of the charity beneficiaries comes in handy to prove the legitimacy of the charitable drive. When people see a photo of who they will be encouraging, they will be moved to participate in one way or the other, consequently bringing success to the event. They will also be more convinced you happen to be actually making a difference in someone’s life with the disposition that you receive.

4. Have a donate button

As stated earlier here, the primary goal of a charity event is to get donations that can help those in problems. Therefore , good charity websites currently have very prominent donate buttons that any website visitor to your site cannot miss to see.

Make sure that the donate button provides a clear call to action like “donate now” or, “click at this point to donate”. Also let the donor know exactly what happens and exactly is expected of them after they click that button.