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12 Apr 2019

The 7 Important Features of Good Charity Websites

Charitable websites are usually made with very modest budgets that are slightly enough to cover professional web design costs. The reason for this is because a lot of charities depend on voluntary funding. These funds are meticulously
10 Apr 2019

Finding Charity Car Donation Places

For anybody who is looking for a great charity, finding a place to donate your car would be the way to go. You could find a charity that accepts car obole easily. This article will go over
4 Mar 2019

Girls Victims of WWII Get Robust Help

Throughout the Second World War, tens of thousands or IFCJ reviews of thousands of girls in Asia were created as sex slaves by the Japanese soldiers. Not a lot of people knew about this before from the
17 Feb 2019

Beware Of Bushfire Charity Scams

And you wonder why some individuals are hesitant to giving to charitable causes. Each time we hear of a large scale disaster, we also hear of IFCJ charities stepping up and doing their share to help the